There are some necessary evils which eat up a lot of our time. The time which can be put to more productive uses. In this power packed world, where time means money wasting it on laundry is a great loss. Yet, one cannot go on wearing dirty clothes. Dry Cleaning 2 Go offers affordable and quick Wash and Fold Laundry Service with free pickup and delivery.

No need to worry about doing the laundry or panic that you wouldn’t have clothes ready for your next meeting or outing. Dry Cleaning 2 Go provides the best Laundry Service in Canada. All you need to do is call us and fix the Laundry Pickup and Delivery schedule and the rest will be accomplished by us. You can also avail the Laundry Pickup Service by filling out the form on our website. 

One of the best things about us is that we are core professionals who understand the importance of your time. From timely pickup from your doorstep to timely delivery as per the schedule is our specialty so that worrying about laundry can be ticked off from your list of concerns. If you are looking for the best and most reliable Laundry Service in Canada then Dry Cleaning 2 Go is the name for you.

We offers Industrial Laundry Services too for institutions too. We offer unmatched prices with a great dedication to punctuality. You can always expect quality services in a timely manner from us.

We follows a standard procedure to ensure that the clothes are picked up on time and delivered to you in the perfect condition. We have strict quality control measures and with the help of latest state of the art machines, we always deliver great quality of washing.

The Complete Wash and Fold Process:

Pickup at Scheduled Time: Scheduling a pickup is very easy with Dry Cleaning 2 Go. You can schedule the pickup either through a phone call, website or even our mobile application. Our pickup truck would always arrive on time.

Sorting: We understand the importance of clothes and know how to treat them nicely. On arrival, all the clothes are sorted on the basis of colors, fabric, etc. so that you can get the best results. It is also very important as maintaining the right temperatures is very important for the proper care of some fabrics.

Washing: The clothes are washed in high tech machines. These ensure that the end result is great and no garment gets damaged in the process. Proper temperature is maintained as per the need of the batch. This special treatment not only gives long lives to the garments but also plays a great role in maintaining their look and color.

Drying: The clothes are then put in the dryers. The heavy duty industrial dryers give a very gentle treatment to your clothes but also ensure that we are able to process your clothes faster and bring them to you sooner.

Folding: At this stage, we perfectly fold your clothes. All the garments are folded neatly so that they are ready to use when they reach you. 

Sorting: We match all your clothes and prepare your delivery lot. We never miss a single detail and even your socks would be matched and paired together. 

Delivery: We deliver the laundry to your doorstep at your scheduled timings. Time is of essence and that’s why we always pay special attention to it so that you never have to wait for us. 

Dry Cleaning 2 Go is here to solve all your problems of Laundry in Canada. Just give us a call and we’ll do it for you at the most affordable prices. 

What keeps us ahead

Easy Scheduling- You can schedule pickup and delivery through phone, website or our mobile app. Our mobile app is available on Android and iOS play stores. 

Regular Updates: Through our mobile app you will get regular updates for your lot and hence you’ll always remain informed.

Affordable Pricing: We have kept the prices down and quality up so that you never have to think twice before availing our services. 

Timely Delivery: We always keep our promises of time and hence you’ll never have to worry about your laundry again.

So, if you have a batch of clothes filling your basket just give us a call right away. We are always waiting for your call to serve you better.