Terms & Conditions

By putting your things with Simply Laundry, you consent to the accompanying terms and conditions:

Least Order Size

In the event that either a wash and overlap, or launder arrange least level is not achieved, Simply Laundry will apply a charge for the base request sum.

Damaged Property

Just Laundry practices the most extreme care in cleaning and handling articles of clothing endowed to us and utilize such procedures, which as we would see it are most appropriate to the nature and states of every individual piece of clothing. By the by, we can\'t accept accountability for natural shortcomings or deformities in materials which may bring about tears or improvement of little openings in texture that are not promptly clear before preparing. We can\'t ensure against shading misfortune, shading dying, and shrinkage; or against harm to frail and delicate textures; or against harm to subordinate things, for example, belts, catches, globules, ties or zipper pulls. Basically Laundry\'s obligation concerning any harmed things might not surpass ten times our charge for cleaning the particular article of clothing paying little respect to mark/condition. Any harmed things must be accounted for and come back to Simply Laundry for assessment inside 5 business days.

Lost Items

Any lost things must be accounted for inside 5 business days. Just Laundry tries to track each thing that we procedure and will audit every single lost thing claims on a case-by-case premise. For any things that are resolved to be lost by Simply Laundry, clients will be repaid as per the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide and should not surpass ten times our charge for cleaning the separate piece of clothing paying little heed to mark/condition.

Free Items

Just Laundry endeavors hard to check things inadvertently left in the articles of clothing given for clothing/Dry Cleaning. Nonetheless, it is not in charge of free things, for example, gems, watches, money, separable catches, sleeve fasteners, belts, clasps, strings, bands, hoods or free things on articles of clothing, and so on. We ask for clients to guarantee that they check such things and expel them from the pockets of their pieces of clothing before giving them for adjusting. Just Laundry is en route in charge of harms caused to the articles of clothing because of quality of any previously mentioned things in their pockets.

Individual Property

Any individual property put in a Simply Laundry pack that seems to have esteem will be evacuated by Simply Laundry and put away for 30 days. The particular client will be educated with respect to it. In the event that things are unclaimed following 30 days, all property will be given to neighborhood enlisted philanthropy.

Turnaround Time

Administration days and turnaround time differ by area. Essentially Laundry will attempt to return garments inside 48 to 72 hours of drop-off. In any case, we don\'t ensure turnaround times and accept no accountability for any harms that may happen because of a deferral in benefit. Our shoe benefit takes 3 - 5 days by and large.


All costs in CAD. In any inconsistency amongst printed and web based valuing, the online posted evaluating will be connected.

Repairs and Alterations

All repairs and additionally adjustments to dress asked for by customers esteemed, after rebates and before charges will be performed without optional approval. For repairs and additionally modifications over this esteem, an email will be sent to the record holder and administrations won\'t be performed before receipt of his/her composed endorsement.

Rebates, Special Pricing and Coupons

Rebates, unique evaluating and coupons can\'t be consolidated. Just a single will be connected per arrange unless particularly expressed in composing by Simply Laundry. In the event that two are accessible and not joined, the more prominent rate markdown recorded of the two will be connected to the request. No rebates will apply to inn clients.